Its easily done really. In the midst of checking your emails, Tweeting your favourite types of packet soup to your six followers and talking to a string of sex offenders on Chat Roulette, you stumble across a pissed up old woman who advises you to rub hair remover on a light bulb. Admit it, we've all been there! Well maybe not, but if we had would be the new Facebook and its central protagonist Pickled Pauline would be the new Jerry Springer. Alas, the site will more than likely remain one of the web's funny little ideosyncracies, the brain child of someone who might well have been as intoxicated as Pauline is purported to be when they wrote it.

The concept is simple. Ignore serious sites like; Basic interface and ropey visuals support fictitious agony aunt's responses to 'common' personal problems. From inexperienced, frustrated and timid lovers, to ladies struggling to get their meringues to come out right, actors fearing their stage debut and vegetable purchase quandries. Introduce said alcohol and Pauline's responses get a little mixed up, resulting in recommendations to buy sex from a greengrocer, have "a bottle or two of inexpensive wine" before an amateur dramatic show and take well rotted manure to a church fete. You get the picture.

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Although rudimentary in design to say the least, the site is witty, inventive and well written. The patients' problems seem authentic enough to draw us in, and the responses, though muddled, are factually quite informative. You might even learn something if you really are struggling with, for instance, a mouse infestation or erectile disfunction. The crossed lines of communication are also in fairly close proximity to one another so it is isn't difficult to read snippets without having to trawl through all six pages of fake therapy to understand what's going on. All in all, Pauline provides a hearty chuckle and would make a welcome monthly column in a witty periodical that flirts with the bawdier side of things, such as Viz or Private Eye.

After meeting Pauline, the site also includes a section on short term car insurance. Not the kind of awe-inspiring topic we all leap out of bed in the morning raring to find out more about. However, the initial air of unpredictability continues as it becomes clear that the same twisted mind that brought our sozzled geriatric love doctor to life has also written a... well, a fair old cornucopia of immediate motoring insurance solutions. Borrowing your neighbours' hearse for a Transylvanian castle holiday? Of course! Who isn't?! This and many more ludicrous scenarios convince us all that, if we didn't know it already, short term car insurance is the missing piece in the jigsaw of our sorry little lives. Trust me, by end of all 23 exciting anecdotes you'll be off on a trek across the desert with only a gallon of gin all in the name of impermanent auto cover. Particularly if you're the type of person who sleeps with pot bellied pigs. I'm sure Pauline would recommend it.


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